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Veggie Rolls
Deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with tofu, water chestnuts, cabbage, glass noodles,
carrots, and wood ear mushrooms with our pineapple plum reduction sauce.

Fresh Rolls
Fresh tapioca rolls stuffed with cucumber, lettuce, avocado, tofu, bean sprouts and
mint leaf, with a spicy peanut dipping sauce.

Gulf shrimp and chicken in an herbal sesame stuffing, served in a golden-brown
wanton pouch with our plum dipping sauce.

SukhoThai Dumplings
Minced pork, chicken and shrimp or crab, water chestnut, green onion and
seasonings in a steamed wonton, w/ dim sum sauce.

Chicken or Shrimp Satay
Skewered and grilled strips of chicken breast or shrimp marinated in yellow
coconut curry served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

Fried Eggplant
Tempura-fried sliced eggplant, with sweet chili dipping sauce.

Ahi Katsu Roll
Ahi Tuna Roll encrusted in crispy Asian bread crumbs, garnished with yellow
curry and wasabi sauces, and a mango tomato salsa.

Panko Soft shell Crab
Softshell crab in crispy Asian bread crumbs, with spring greens and spicy garlic
aoli, garnished with our mango tomato salsa.

Herbal Mussels
Mussels steamed over crushed lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and sweet basil,
served with traditional Thai seafood dipping sauce of fresh garlic, lime, cilantro,
and Thai chilies.

Chiang Mai Chili Dip  (Uptown Only)
Northern Thai traditional recipe of ground pork, cherry tomatoes, red onion,
garlic, and shrimp paste, served with steamed broccoli, carrots, cabbage,
cucumber, and hard-boiled egg.

SukhoThai Sampler
Two Veggie Rolls, Two Shrimp In A Pouch, Four Ahi Katsu Roll pieces.
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